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Window Wrap

San Diego Window Graphics
Wrap City's Creative State is San Diego's source for high quality window graphics and wraps. All of our designers are experienced, and have earned degrees in graphic design from San Diego State University. We are certified installers and stand by our products and services.

Window graphics can be transparent from the inside and provide advertising and curb appeal from the outside.


  • High performance cast materials
  • 720 x 1440 DPI Wide format prints
  • Protective gloss lamination
  • Certified installers
  • Experienced designers with degrees
  • Local in-house production
  • Long lasting warranty

Store front window Graphic wraps

Can you see through the window graphics?
We have different types of materials. Perforated window graphics allow you to see out
of the windows while displaying an image on the outside.
Solid window graphics are also available.

Will it reduce the light that comes through the windows?
Yes. The material is 50% holes and will reduce the light similar to the effect of window tint.

Are the graphics applied to the inside or the outside of the window?
Adhesive backed graphics are applied to the outside of the window for most windows.
Inside mounted perforated graphics are also available to avoid vandalism.

Does it have any protection from the sun?
Yes. Gloss lamination protects the surface of the print from fading and common abrasions.

Are window graphics removable?
Yes. Window graphics are easily removed without damaging the windows.






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